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FUCT: 20 Years of Erik Brunetti

Concisely recapping 20 years of Erik Brunetti’s  involvement with FUCT is difficult; the artist and graffiti writer  founded the label in 1990 and has since attracted many people with  re-interpreted cultural themes and iconography and above all else a  strong opinion. Filmmaker David Gallardo met with Brunetti on several  occasions in around the unveiling of his retrospective show at Los Angeles’ Union.  In doing so, Brunetti speaks about adhering to the principles that  caused him to start the brand, staying relevant, and why is he is not  overly eager to please consumers with his designs, but rather aims to  educate them. The LA-based label maintains an intelligent and fresh  perspective today thanks to Brunetti’s vision.
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The Hundreds x Diamond Supply Co. “Forever Summer” Road Trip to SF
The project between The Hundreds and Diamond Supply Co. has generated a lot of buzz in the world of streetwear. While some  collaborations seem unnatural or forced, the strength of this mash-up is  the background and similar sensibilities both brands have endured over  the years. Los Angeles based filmmaker David Gallardo, accompanied  representatives of both Fairfax-based brands on a road trip up to San  Francisco to spread the word and throw a party for the “Forever Summer” collection. The select few who made the trip were able to take in a  multi-faceted affair including the obvious roadtrip and a musical  performance by San Francisco-rooted rapper Alexander Spit. Interlaced  with sights and sounds throughout the trip, Bobby Hundreds provides  commentary on the whole collaboration.
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